Lodge Officers


About the Officers in a Freemason Lodge

Washoe Lodge #35 is what is known as a “Blue Lodge” and, as such, is made up of the first three degrees of Freemasonry.

When a new Mason is raised to the third degree or Master Mason, they are eligible to be an officer in the lodge.

The Progressive Line

A natural way to elect officers in a Masonic Lodge is to “promote” the officers into seats of increasing responsibility. This order typically goes something like this:

  • Junior Steward
  • Senior Steward
  • Junior Deacon
  • Senior Deacon
  • Marshall
  • Junior Warden
  • Senior Warden
  • Worshipful Master

So, after starting as a Junior Steward, you can expect to be the Worshipful Master in seven years.

A Long Tradition

This is how Masonic Blue Lodges have worked since 1717 and perhaps even longer. As a brother, Mason advances through the offices or chairs; they learn many lessons and receive many secrets.